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october 2023 at a glance

0 / Month-long Observances

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Child Health Month

Clergy Appreciation Month

Color a World Without Cancer Month

Computer Learning Month

Customer Service Month

1 / Week One

International Coffee Day (Oct 1)

International Day of Older Persons (Oct 1)

World Vegetarian Day (Oct 1)

Name Your Car Day (Oct 2)

Boyfriend Day (Oct 3)

Mean Girls Day (Oct 3)

Techies Day (Oct 3)

Improve Your Office Day (Oct 4)

Taco Day (Oct 4)

Walk to School Day (Oct 4)

World Animal Day (Oct 4)

World Teachers Day (Oct 5)

Coaches Day (Oct 6)

MFG (Manufacturing) Day (Oct 6)

World Smile Day (Oct 6)

Frugal Fun Day (Oct 7 / 1st Sat In Oct)

2 / Week Two

Home-Based Business Week (Oct 8-14)

Pet Peeve Week (Oct 8-14)


American Touch Tag Day (Oct 8)

Columbus Day (Oct 9)

Curious Events Day (Oct 9)

Indigenous Peoples Day (Oct 9)

Kick Butt Day (Oct 9)

Cake Decorating Day (Oct 10)

International Day of The Girl (Oct 11)

National Coming Out Day (Oct 11)

Farmers Day (Oct 12)

Moment Of Frustration Day (Oct 12)

World Sight Day (Oct 12)

No Bra Day (Oct 13)

Dessert Day (Oct 14)

Universal Music Day (Oct 14)

3 / Week Three

National Chemistry week

National Food Bank Week

Massage Therapy Week


Global Handwashing Day (Oct 15)

International Day of Rural Women (Oct 15)

Pug Day (Oct 15)

Boss’s Day (Oct 16)

World Food Day (Oct 16)

Pasta Day (Oct 17)

Wear Something Bold and Gaudy Day (Oct 17)

No Beard Day (Oct 18)

Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day (Oct 18 / 3rd Wed In Oct)

Evaluate Your Life Day (Oct 19)

Spirit Day (Oct 19)

Get To Know Your Customers Day (Oct 20 / 3rd Thu of Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct)

Sweetest Day (Oct 21)

4 / Week Four+

Freedom From Bullies Week


Make A Difference Day (Oct 22)

National Nut Day (Oct 22)

iPod Day (Oct 23)

Food Day (Oct 24)

World Pasta Day (Oct 25)

Pumpkin Day (Oct 26)

Black Cat Day (Oct 27)

American Beer Day (Oct 27)

Cranky Co-Workers Day (Oct 27)

Chocolate Day (Oct 28)

National Trick or Treat Day (Oct 28 / Sat Before Halloween)

National Cat Day (Oct 29)

World Stroke Day (Oct 29)

International Internet Day (Oct 29)

Candy Corn Day (Oct 30)

Caramel Apple Day (Oct 31)

Halloween (Oct 31)

Knock Knock Jokes Day (Oct 31)

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