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may 2023 at a glance

0 / Month-long Observances

Barbecue Month

Lupus Awareness Month

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

National Bike Month

National Blood Pressure Month

National Mental Health Awareness Month

National Photograph Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Salad Month

Older Americans Month

1 / Week One

Executive Coaching Day (May 1)

Loyalty Day (May 1)

May Day (May 1)

Melanoma Awareness Day (May 1)

National College Decision Day (May 1)

National Teacher Day (May 2)

World Asthma Day (May 2)

World Tuna Day (May 2)

World Press Freedom Day (May 3)

International Day of Prayer (May 4)

International Firefighters Day (May 4)

Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you / May 4)

Cinco De Mayo (May 5)

Free Comic Book Day (May 6)

Kentucky Derby (May 6)

National Nurses Day (May 6)

Scrapbooking Day (May 6)

Tourist Appreciation Day (May 6)

2 / Week Two

Nurses Week (May 6-12)

Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7-13)


Home Brew Day (May 7)

World Laughter Day (May 7)

Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9)

Clean Your Room Day (May 10)

Night Shift Day (May 10 / 2nd Wed in May)

Receptionists Day (May 10)

ACM Awards (May 11)

Eat What You Want Day (May 11)

Child Care Provider Day (May 12 / Fri before Mother’s Day)

Limerick Day (May 12)

Military Spouse Apprec. Day (May 12 / Fri Before Mother’s Day)

Leprechaun Day (May 13)

3 / Week Three

Police Week (May 14-20)

Emergency Service Providers Week (May 14-20)

Work At Home Moms Week (May 14-20)


Mother’s Day (May 14 / 2nd Sun in May)

Dance Like a Chicken Day (May 14)

International Day of Families (May 15)

National Chocolate Chip Day (May 15)

International Day of Light (May 16)

Employee Health And Fitness Day (May 17 / 3rd Wed of May)

Pack Rat Day (May 17)

World Telecom & Information Society Day (May 17)

International Museum Day (May 18)

Bike to Work Day (May 19)

Boys Club Day (May 19)

Endangered Species Day (May 19)

Pizza Party Day (May 19)

Armed Forces Day (May 20)

Help Clean Up Your Street Day (May 20)

National Rescue Dog Day (May 20)

World Bee Day (May 20)

4 / Week Four+

Backyard Games Week (May 22-28 / Mon Before Memorial Day)


World Cultural Diversity, Dialogue & Development (May 21)

Memo Day (May 21)

National Waitstaff Day (May 21)

Buy a Musical Instrument Day (May 22)

World Goth Day (May 22)

Taffy Day (May 23)

Lucky Penny Day (May 23)

World Turtle Day (May 23)

National Brother day (May 24)

National Wine Day (May 25)

Tap Dance Day (May 25)

Towel Day (May 25)

National Burger Day (May 28)

Memorial Day (May 29 / 4th Mon in May)

National Biscuit Day (May 29)

Water A Flower Day (May 30)

World MS Day (May 30)

Save Your Hearing Day (May 31)

Senior Health And Fitness Day (May 31 / Last Wed of May)

World No Tobacco Day (May 31)

World Otter Day (May 31)

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