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march 2023 at a glance

0 / Month-long Observances

Caffeine Awareness Month

Employee Spirit Month

Girls in Science and Engineering Month

Music In Our Schools Month

National Nutrition Month

National On-Hold Month

Women’s History Month

1 / Week One

Zero Discrimination Day (Mar 1)

Old Stuff Day (Mar 2)

Read Across America Day (Mar 2)

Employee Appreciation Day (Mar 3)

World Wildlife Day (Mar 3)

March Forth (Mar 4)

National G.I. Day (Mar 4)

Tired of Being Tired Day (Mar 4)

Dentists Day (Mar 6)

National Oreo Day (Mar 6)

No Homework Day (May 6)

National Cereal Day (Mar 7)

Unique Names Day (Mar 7)

International Women's Day (Mar 8)

Girls Write Now Day (Mar 8 / with Int'l Women's Day)

Working Women’s Day (Mar 8 / with Int'l Women's Day)

Get Over It Day (Mar 9)

Middle Name Pride Day (Mar 10)

Worship of Tools Day (Mar 11)

Plant a Flower Day (Mar 12)

Jewel Day (Mar 13)

Learn About Butterflies Day (Mar 14)

2 / Week Two

National Crochet Week

National Money Week


Daylight Savings Begins (Mar 12 / 2nd Sunday in March)

Academy Awards (Mar 12)

National Napping Day (Mar 12)

Organize Your Home Office Day (Mar 14 / 2nd Tue of March)Pi Day (Mar 14 / 3.14 are the first 3 digits of pi)

World Consumer Rights Day (Mar 15)

Companies That Care Day (Mar 16)

Incredible Kid Day (Mar 16 / 3rd Thu in March)

Lips Appreciation Day (Mar 16)

St Patrick's Day (Mar 17)

Red Nose Day (Mar 17)

World Sleep Day (Mar 17)

Happy Hours (Any Day!)

Awkward Moments Day (Mar 18)

Global Recycling Day (Mar 18)

3 / Week Three

Chocolate Week

National Wellderly (Well Elderly) Week

Yo-Yo and Skill Toys Week

Spring Equinox (First Day of Spring / Mar 20)

International Day of Happiness (Mar 20)

International Day of Forests (Mar 20)

National AG (Agriculture) Day (Mar 20)

National Proposal Day Mar 20)

World Down Syndrome Day (Mar 20)

World Poetry Day (Mar 20)

Common Courtesy Day (Mar 21)

Fragrance Day (Mar 21)

World Water Day (Mar 22)

Chip and Dip Day (Mar 23)

National Puppy Day (Mar 23)

World Meteorological Day (Mar 23)

International Waffle Day (Mar 25)

4 / Week Four+

Doctor-Patient Trust Week

National Bubble Week

National Cleaning Week

Root Canal Awareness Week


Waffle Day (Mar 25)

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (Mar 26)

Celebrate Exchange Day (Mar 27)

Smoke and Mirrors Day (Mar 29)

Pencil Day (Mar 30)

I Am In Control Day (Mar 30)

She’s Funny That Way Day (Mar 31)

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