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july 2023 at a glance

0 / Month-long Observances

Air Conditioning Appreciation Month

Anti-Boredom Month

Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Family Reunion Month

Make A Difference to Children Month

National Parks and Recreation Month

Sandwich Generation Month



Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day (July 1)

International Day of Cooperatives (July 1)

International Joke Day (July 1)

Second Half of The Year Day (July 1)

1 / Week One

Be Nice To New Jersey Week (July 2-8)


Freedom From Fear of Speaking Day (July 2)

World UFO Day (July 2)

Compliment Your Mirror Day (July 3)

Independence Day (July 4)
Workaholics Day (July 5)

Fried Chicken Day (July 6)

International Kissing Day (July 6)

Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day (July 6)

Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day (July 7)

Tell The Truth Day (July 7)

World Chocolate Day (July 7)

Unplug The Drama Day (July 8)

Video Games Day (July 8)

2 / Week Two

Sugar Cookie Day (July 9)

Pina Colada Day (July 9)

7-11 Day (July 11)

All American Pet Photo Day (July 11)

Cheer Up the Lonely Day (July 11)

Cow Appreciation Day (July 11)

Different Colored Eyes Day (July 12)

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day (July 13)

French Fry Day (July 13)

Gruntled Workers Day (July 13)

Mac And Cheese Day (July 14)

World Youth Skills Day (July 15)

Gummi Worm Day (July 15)

3 / Week Three

Ice Cream Day (July 16)

World Snake Day (July 16)

Get Out of the Doghouse Day (July 17)

Tattoo Day (July 17)

World Emoji Day (July 17)

Hot Dog Day (July 19)

Lollipop Day (Jul 20)

Moon Day (July 20)

Ugly Truck Day (July 20)

Junk Food Day (July 21)

Toss the Could Have/Should Haves Day (July 21 / 3rd Sat in July)

4 / Week Four+

Vanilla Ice Cream Day (July 23)

Gorgeous Grandma Day (July 23)

Parents Day (July 23)

World Grandparents & Elderly Day (July 23)

Cousins Day (July 24)

Drive Thru’ Day (July 24)

International Self-Care Day (July 24)

Tequila Day (July 24)

Culinarians Day (July 25)

All Or Nothing Day (July 26)

Intern Day (July 27)

Take Your Pants for a Walk Day (July 27)

Lasagna Day (July 29)

Cheesecake Day (July 30)

Avocado Day (July 30)

Mutts Day / Mixed Breed Dog Day (July 31 & Dec 2)

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