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january 2023 at a glance

Click any bold, underlined list item to jump to the blog post with the corresponding small business marketing ideas for that theme. 

0 / Month-long Observances

Be On Purpose Month

Birth Defects Month

Blood Donor Month

Book Blitz Month

Cervical Cancer Screening Month

Clean Up Your Computer Month

Creativity Month

Family Fitness Month

Financial Wellness Month

Get Organized Month

Hobby Month

Hot Tea Month

Lose Weight-Feel Great Month

Mentoring Month

New Year Resolutions Month

Oatmeal Month

Poverty In America Month

Self-Defense Month
Soup Month

Wealth Mentality Month

1 / Week One

Home Office Safety And Security Week

Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week

New Year New You

New Year Resolution Helper

New Years Day (Jan 1)

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day (Jan 3)

Remember You Die Day (Jan 3)

National Spaghetti Day (Jan 4)

Trivia Day (Jan 4)

World Braille Day (Jan 4)

National Bird Day (Jan 5)

National Screenwriters Day (Jan 5)

Cuddle Up Day (Jan 6)

Epiphany (Jan 6)

I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day (Jan 7)

National Bobblehead Day (Jan 7)

2 / Week Two

Elvis Presley Week

Women’s Empowerment Week

Bubble Bath Day (Jan 8)

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (Jan 9)

Play ‘God’ Day (Jan 9)

Cut Energy Costs Day (Jan 10)

Golden Globe Awards (Jan 10)

Human Trafficking Awareness Day (Jan 11)

National Milk Day (Jan 11) 

Splash A Friend Day (Jan 11)

Feast Of Fabulous Wild Men Day (Jan 12)

Kiss a Ginger Day (Jan 12)

Make Your Dreams Come True Day (Jan 13)

Blame Someone Else Day (Jan 13 / 1st Fri 13th of the year)

Dress Up Your Pet Day (Jan 14)

iHeart Radio Awards (Jan 14) 

3 / Week Three

Healthy Weight Week

Hunt for Happiness Week

National Hat Day (Jan 15)

Martin Luther King Jr Day (Jan 16)

Appreciate a Dragon Day (Jan 16)

Religious Freedom Day (Jan 16) 

Nothing  Day (Jan 16)

Museum Selfie Day (Jan 18)

Winnie the Pooh Day (Jan 18)

Get to Know Your Customers Day (Jan 19)

Popcorn Day (Jan 19)

Disc Jockey Day (Jan 20)

National Hug Day (Jan 21)

Squirrel Appreciation Day (Jan 21)

4 / Week Four+

Private Schools Week

Take Back Your Time Week

Blonde Brownie Day (Jan 22)

National Pie Day (Jan 23)

Measure Your Feet Day (Jan 23)

Beer Can Appreciation Day (Jan 24)

National Compliment Day (Jun 24)

National Peanut Butter day (Jan 24)

Speak Up and Succeed Day (Jan 24 / 4th Tues of Jan)

Spouses Day (Jan 26)

National Fun at Work Day (Jan 27 / Last Fri of Jan)

Data Privacy Day (Jan 28)

Corn Chip Day (Jan 29)

Inane Answering Machine Message Day (Jan 30)

National Croissant Day (Jan 30

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day (Jan 31)

National Hot Chocolate Day (Jan 31)

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