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august 2023 at a glance

0 / Month-long Observances

Family Fun Month


Eye Health and Safety Month

What Will Be Your Legacy Month

Picnic Month



Girlfriend Day (Aug 1)

National Night Out (Aug 1 / 1st Tue In Aug)

Coloring Book Day (Aug 2)

Ice Cream Sandwich Day (Aug 2)

IPA Day (Aug 3)

Watermelon Day (Aug 3)

International Beer Day (Aug 4)

National Underwear Day (Aug 5)

Work Like a Dog Day (Aug 5)

1 / Week One

Resurrect Romance Week (Aug 6-12)

Simplify Your Life Week (Aug 7-13)


Fresh Breath Day (Aug 6)

Friendship Day (Aug 6 / 1st Sun in Aug)

Kids Day (Aug 6 / 1st Sun in Aug)

Root Beer Float Day (Aug 6)

Sister Day (Aug 6)

Lighthouse Day (Aug 7)

Purple Heart Day (Aug 7)

Dollar Day (Aug 8)

International Cat Day (Aug 8)

Book Lovers Day (Aug 9)

Lazy Day (Aug 10)

S’mores Day (Aug 10)

World Lion Day (Aug 10)

Playin’ In the Sand Day (Aug 11)

International Youth Day (Aug 12)

Middle Child’s Day (Aug 12)

Garage Sale Day (Aug 12)

World Elephant Day (Aug 12)

2 / Week Two

National Smile Week

Weird Contest Week (Aug 13-19)


Left Handers Day (Aug 13)

World Lizard Day (Aug 14)

Relaxation Day (Aug 15)

Roller Coaster Day (Aug 16)

Tell a Joke Day (Aug 16)

Cupcake Day (Aug 17 & Dec 15)

Black Cat Appreciation Day (Aug 17)

Nonprofit Day (Aug 17)

Mail Order Catalog Day (Aug 18)

Men’s Grooming Day (Aug 18 / 3rd Fri Of Aug)

Aviation Day (Aug 19)

Homeless Animals Day (Aug 19)

Sandcastle Sculpture Day (Aug 19)

World Humanitarian Day (Aug 19)

World Photography Day (Aug 19)

3 / Week Three

Safe At Home Week  


Be An Angel Day (Aug 22)

The Wicked World of Croquet Day (Aug 23)

Strange Music Day (Aug 24)

Kiss and Make Up Day (Aug 25)

Second-Hand Wardrobe Day (Aug 25)

4 / Week Four+

Just Because Day (Aug 27)

Radio Commercials Day (Aug 28)

Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day (Aug 28)

Toasted Marshmallow Day (Aug 30)

Trail Mix Day (Aug 31)

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