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april 2023 at a glance

0 / Month-long Observances

Customer Loyalty and Appreciation Month

Financial Literacy Month

Guitar Month

National Autism Awareness Month

National Donate Life Month

National Humor Month

National Poetry Month

Lawn and Garden Month

School Library Month

Stress Awareness Month

1 / Week One

Laugh At Work Week

National Public Health Week


April Fools Day (Apr 1)

Fun At Work Day (Apr 1)

Autism Awareness Day (Apr 2)

Children’s Book Day (Apr 2)

CMT Awards (Apr 2)

Palm Sunday (Apr 2)

National Hug a Newsperson Day (Apr 4)

School Librarian Day (Apr 4)

Deep Dish Pizza Day (Apr 5)

Go For Broke Day (Apr 5)

National Walking Day (Apr 5)

Passover Begins (Apr 5)

Caramel Popcorn Day (Apr 6)

National Burrito Day (Apr 6)

National Tartan Day (apr 6)

Plan Your Epitaph Day (Apr 6)

Good Friday (Apr 7)

National Beer Day (Apr 7)

Walk to Work Day (Apr 7)

World Health Day (Apr 7)

Decorating Egg Shells Day (Apr 8 / Day Before Easter)

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day (Apr 8)

2 / Week Two

Networking Week

International Chicken Wing Week


Easter Sunday (Apr 9)

Name Yourself Day (Apr 9)

National Unicorn Day (Apr 9)

Golfers Day (Apr 10)

Siblings Day (Apr 10)

National Pet Day (Apr 11)

World Parkinson's Day (Apr 11)

International Day of Human Space Flight (Apr 12)

International Day of Pink (Apr 12)

Licorice Day (Apr 12)

National Grilled Cheese Day (Apr 12)

Scrabble Day (Apr 13)

Income Tax Pay Day (Apr 15)

Jackie Robinson Day (Apr 15)

Record Store Day (Apr 15)

World Art Day (Apr 15)

3 / Week Three

Customer Awareness Week


Wear Your Pajamas Day (Apr 16)

Cheese Ball Day (Apr 17)

Haiku Poetry Day (Apr 17)

Tax Day (Taxes Due) (Apr 17)

Holocaust Remembrance Day (Apr 18)

Newspaper Columnist Day (Apr 18)

Bicycle Day (Apr 19)

Hanging Out Day (Apr 19)

420 Day (Apr 20; aka 4/20) 

Look-Alike Day (Apr 20)

National High Five Day (Apr 20)

Tell A Story Day (Apr 20)

Volunteer Recognition Day (Apr 20)

World Creativity and Innovation Day (Apr 21)

Earth Day (Apr 22) 

Jelly Bean Day (Apr 22)

4 / Week Four+

Administrative Professionals Week

National Independent Retailers Week

Safe Kids Week

Whistlers Week

World Immunization Week

World Book and Copyright Day (Apr 23)

DNA Day (Apr 25)

Hairstylists Appreciation Day (Apr 25)

Red Hat Society Day (Apr 25)

World Penguin Day (Apr 25)

Administrative Professionals Day (Apr 26)

Denim Day (Apr 26)

Pretzel Day (Apr 26)

World Intellectual Property Day (Apr 26)

International Girls in ICT Day (Apr 27)

NFL Draft Starts (Apr 26)

Take Your Children to Work Day (Apr 27)

Teach Your Children to Save Day (Apr 27)

National Superhero Day (Apr 28)

Poetry Reading Day (Apr 28)

World Day for Safety and Health at Work (Apr 28)

Duke Ellington Day (Apr 29)

Independent Bookstore Day (Apr 29)

International Dance Day (Apr 29)

Veterinary Day (Apr 29)

International Jazz Day (Apr 30)

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