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About 365 Days of Marketing

365 days of marketing is a passion project, born from a love of helping small businesses grow -- even if the marketing budget is basically $0. 


Its first iteration was in the form of a book, which is still for sale on Amazon. But let's face it, a lot has changed in the years since it was published, and constantly updating it isn't practical for me, nor is having to purchase it over and over again, for you. 

So this site takes that idea and turns it on its digital head, offering the ability to constantly add to and update the marketing how-to, what-is, and ideas you can use to start a business or grow it to the next level. 


About me

My name is Elizabeth Kraus -->

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Experienced, entrepreneurial, proven SEO content strategist, producer, and editor with deep B2B and small-to-mid size business repertoire. Hands-on jack-of-all-trades digital marketer for 20+ years. Storyteller. Strategist. Builder. Author. Interpreter. Facilitator. Thought leader. 

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